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Our Origins and Story

Cum doctus civibus efficiantur in imperdiet deterruisset.

The Pan African Schools were conceptualized in 2020, as part of the implementation of the Plan of reconstructing the educational curriculum across all of Africa, to support the revitalization of higher education in Africa, and contribute to the achievement of the vision of UPAM.

In 2020, a High-Level Panel of eminent Pan African selfless leaders was established to help in the development of operationalization instruments that were endorsed by the United Pan-Africanist Movement Board of Directors. The United Pan-Africanist Movement Board of Directors decided to establish the Pan African Schools(PAS) in 2020, and on June 30th, 2021, UPAM launched PAs as a flagship continental initiative.

The Pan African Schools’s Statute was adopted and the development of a suitable curriculum is being worked on by African Professors in Swahili Language Studies, African History as well as Science and Technology

Founded By United Pan Africanist Movement